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The Cosmogony of Our Solar System - Condensed from the 12th Planet

In the beginning
Elohim created the heaven and the earth
And the earth was without form and void
And darkness was upon the face of Tehom,
and the wind of the Lord over its waters.

The Bible is clear when it comes to the description of the moment of Beginning as far as the Earth is concerned. However, it only picks the Mesopotamian story of the cosmogonical creation of the universe from the point of the separation of the Earth and the Shama’im, the Hammered Bracelet which resulted from the break up of Tiamat.

It took great scientific minds during the Mesolithic Age more than 5,000 years ago to imagine the primeval phase of our Solar System; how the Earth came into being not through the Big Bang, but during the events of the Celestial Battle.

It was then, at that single instance how Time began on Earth when the watery planet Tiamat was split into half by a rogue planet the Sumerians referred to as Marduk/Nibiru. The separated half of Tiamat became to be known as the Asteroid Belt (Heaven- the Hammered Bracelet) while the remaining part spun towards a new orbit as it heals itself to form our home and what is now called the planet Earth. According to the Enuma Elish, the stability of the planets in our Solar System is attributed to the arrival of the planet Marduk/Nibiru- a planet that came from the deep space at least four times the size of our planet.

When in heights Heaven had not been named,
And below, Earth had not been called
Naught, but primordial Apsu, their begetter,
Mummu, and Tiamat- she who bore them all,
Their waters were mingled together

No reed had yet formed, no marshland appeared.
None of the gods had yet been brought into being
None bore a name, their destinies were undetermined;
Then it was that gods where formed in their midst.
Gor Lahamu and god Lahamu were brought forth;
By name they were called.

Before the beginning of time, in the immensity of the infinite universe – when the planets where yet to be named and their orbits have yet to be fixed; only three celestial bodies exist in our own Solar System, the Sun (Apsu), Mercury (Mummu), and a watery planet called Tiamat.
The Sun (Apsu) existed from the very beginning. Closest to the Sun was Mercury (Mummu) - its’ emissary, rapidly turning around its giant master. A little farther away was Tiamat (a watery planet). The space between Tiamat and the Sun was not empty for their “primordial waters” mingled together creating the life-giving elements for the new two planets Mars (Lahmu) and Venus (Lahamu).

Before they had grown in age
And in stature to an appointed size
God Anshar and god Kishar were formed, Surpassing them (in size).
As lengthened the days and multiplied the years,
God Anu (Uranus) became their son – of his ancestors a rival.
Then Anshars’s first born, Anu,
As his equal and in his image begot Nudimmud (Neptune).

Mars and Venus grew only to a limited extent. But even before their growth was complete, another pair of planets was formed. These two majestic planets as evidenced by their names- Saturn (Anshar- “prince of heaven”), Jupiter (Kishar-“foremost of the firm lands”).overtook the growth of the first pair exceeding them in stature. The process of the celestial formations continued and a third pair of planets came to being. First came Uranus (Anu), smaller than Saturn and Jupiter, but larger than its predecessors. Uranus in time begot a twin planet equal in its size and image –Neptune, was referred to by the Babylonians as Nudimmud, and Pluto as Gaga. The small body Pluto functioned like the planet Mercury which the Sumerians placed in their celestial map not beyond Neptune, but next to Saturn, acting as its satellite.

The divine brothers banded together;
They disturbed Tiamat as they surged back and forth. They were troubling the “belly” of Tiamat By their antics in the dwellings of heaven.
Apsu could not lessen their clamour; Tiamat was speechless at their ways.
Their doings were loathsome….
Troublesome was their ways

With the end of the grandiose drama of the birth of the planets, each having unstable status, was drawn towards each other and converging on to Tiamat’s belly (orbit) endangering the primordial bodies. The new planets’ surging “back and forth” was an obvious reference to their erratic orbiting. The planet’s behaviour also threatened the Sun.

The epic goes on to portray the Sun and its “emissary” Mercury huddling together as if devising a plan to rid themselves of the loathsome spheres. The group became astounded upon overhearing the plan of the two “gods” (The Sun and Mercury). The only planet that seemed projected to destroy the Sun (Apsu) and its companion Mercury (Mummu) at this time was Neptune (Nudimmud) which during its pass over to the Sun radiating huge amounts of electro-magnetic energy which produced a “calming effect” to the Sun stopping it from forming additional celestial matters. Even the Sun’s faithful ally Mercury appeared vulnerable during this stage. Any new additional planets to our Solar System at this time could only have come from the far reaches of space. Nobody knows how long was the celestial peace was but for sure there was a lull in the transformations happening in our solar system.

In the Chamber of Fates, the Place of Destinies,
A God was engendered, most able and wisest of the gods;
In the heart of the deep Marduk/Nibiru created.

Four billion years ago, a new Celestial “god” called Marduk (Nibiru), was borne from deep space. It maintained a solar orbit equivalent to 3,600 earth years moving at a clockwise direction. As the young planet followed its circular path it was attracted to our Solar System by its outermost planet – Neptune. The new planet was a sight to behold.

Alluring was his figure, sparkling the lift of his eyes; Lordly was his gait, commanding as of olden times. Greatly was he exalted amongst other gods, exceeding throughout…
He was loftiest of the gods, surprising was his height;
His members were enormous, he was exceedingly tall.

Emerging from outside the orbits of our Solar System the planet Nibiru was still in its infancy belching fire and emitting radiations. As it moved close by other planets

As Marduk/Nibiru (Nibiru) approached the young planets “...they heaped upon him their awesome flashes”, and he shone brightly, “clothed with the halo of ten gods.” This demonstrates the electrical reactions and other emissions of the planets during Marduk/Nibiru’s course through our Solar System. The “ten gods” mentioned confirms the correct decipherment of the epic. According to the early Sumerians, there are ten celestial bodies that awaited Marduk/Nibiru on its channel- the Sun, and only nine other planets.

Marduk/Nibiru sped pass by the planet Neptune (Nudimmud/Ea) that dragged him to our Solar System. Its gravitational pull must have been so immense it caused Nibiru who was at its primitive stage to bulge a second “head.” No part was torn-off at this point but as soon as “winged planet” reached the area of Uranus (Anu), chunks of matter tore-off from producing four satellites for him self while at the same time tilting the orbit of Uranus.

“Anu brought forth and fashioned the four sides, consigned their power to the leader of the host”, and “swirling as a whirlwind.”
The chunks called “winds” as it swirled around the planet Marduk/Nibiru that begot them. The way the rogue planet moved towards our Solar System indicates that it was coming not in the system’s orbital (counter clockwise) but in a reverse mode. Traveling further inwards the two gigantic planets Saturn (Anshar) and Jupiter’s (Kishar) magnetic force grabs Marduk/Nibiru hurling it towards the center of the solar system towards the path of the watery planet Tiamat.

The approach of the crossing planet perturbed the inner planets Tiamat, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. “He produced streams, disturbed Tiamat; the gods were not at rest, carried as in a storm.” The lines of the ancient text were partially damaged and described the approaching planet “diluted their vitals…pinched their eyes.” Tiamat was “paced about distraught” pointing out that her orbit is being affected.
The arrival of the large planet began to tear away parts of Tiamat. The epic went on to describe its eleven “monsters” – large pieces of satellite “growling, raging” as it emerged and “marched at the side of Tiamat.” Standing bravely she positioned herself to do battle with the onrushing Marduk/Nibiru. Tiamat “crowned them with halos,” making them the appearance of “gods” (planets).

She exalted Kingu,
In their midst, she made him great…
The high command of the battle
She entrusted into his hand...

“…she has set-up an Assembly and is furious with rage... she has added matchless weapons has borne monster gods…
with eleven of this kind she has brought forth;
from among the gods who formed her Assembly,
She has elevated Kingu, her first-born, made him chief…
she has given him a Tablet of Destinies, fastened it on its breast.”

Tiamat’s first-born satellite was named Kingu - exposed to the brawling gravitational pulls between the two warring planets, Marduk/Nibiru’s gravitation sucked off Kingu’s atmosphere and its imminent solar orbit was shifted towards circling Tiamat’s orbit instead of the sun. Tiamat’s newly sprouted moon’s traveling from their counter-clockwise orbits where dragged by Marduk/Nibiru’s gravitational pull and followed the wayward planet encircling the invading planet on a clockwise direction from then on.

Turning to Ea (Neptune), Anshar (Saturn) asked him whether he could go to slay Kingu. The reply is lost due to a break in the tablets; but apparently Ea did not satisfy Anshar, for the continuing narrative has Anshar turning to Anu (Uranus) to find out whether he would…“go stand up to Tiamat.” But Anu “was unable to face her and turned back.” [Sitchin, Z. - The 12th Planet, p.221]

The heavens were agitated as a result of the raging battle between the planet Marduk//Nibiru and Tiamat, but no one amongst the outer planets seemed able to follow the path the winged planet had taken.

Passing Neptune and Uranus, the fighter Marduk/Nibiru approaches the ringed planet with all its might. In the process, it pulled Pluto (Gaga) - the biggest satellite of Saturn and loosened it from its present course. The god Anshar hoping to appease the conquering ‘god” proclaimed “He who is potent shall be our Avenger: He who is keen in battle: Marduk, the Hero! Arriving just barely at Saturn’s rings “he kissed the lips of Anshar.” Marduk Answers:

“If I indeed, as your Avenger
Am to vanquish Tiamat, save your lives- Convene an Assembly to proclaim my Destiny supreme!”

Marduk/Nibiru seemed to have established itself as the supreme amongst the “celestial gods” (planets).

Anshar opened his mouth, to Gaga, his Counsellor, a word he addressed,” Be on the way, Gaga take the stand before the gods, and that which I will tell thee. Repeat thou unto them.” [Sitchin, Z. - The 12th Planet, p.221]

Pluto (Gaga), true to its role of being the emissary of the god Saturn (Anshar) orbited its path and advising the other “gods” to fix their courses. These delighted the other “gods” (planets) knowing there is someone else who will straighten out things with Tiamat (watery planet) for them. “Marduk is king!” they all proclaimed. “Go and cut-off the life of Tiamat!”

With all the planets now acquiring their fixed orbital paths and out of its way, the rogue planet appears unstoppable heading towards a collision with the watery planet Tiamat who waits for battle.

Like a true warrior, Marduk/Nibiru is armed to the teeth with weapons. Shining in his armour like a “blazing flame”, “he constructed a bow…attached thereto an arrow… in front of him he set the lightning” and “he then made a net to enfold Tiamat therein.”

Such descriptions depict electrical phenomena when two celestial bodies converge to a certain point. But Marduk/Nibiru’s greatest weapons were his satellites, the “four winds” which the “god” Uranus (Anu) provided him: South Wind, North Wind, West Wind and East Wind.

As Marduk now passed by the giant planets Saturn and Jupiter, the red planet was vulnerable to its tremendous gravitational pulls. In order to escape this Marduk “brought forth” three more satellites – Evil Wind, Whirlwind, and Matchless Wind using them as a “storm chariot” towards the battle site. The adversaries were ready for battle.

The Lord went forth, followed his course; Towards the raging Tiamat he set his face…The Lord approached to scan the inner side of Tiamat – The scheme of Kingu, her consort to perceive. As the planets drew closer to each other, Marduk’s course became erratic: As he looks on, his course becomes upset,
His direction is distracted, his doings are confused. Marduk’s satellites also began to stir off course:

When the gods, his helper
Who were marching at his side,
Saw the valiant Kingu, blurred became their vision.

In spite of the frenzy on the side of invaders the die was cast, the two gods were set on a collision course.

“Tiamat emitted a roar”…”the Lord raised the flooding, his mighty weapon.”

The closer Marduk gets, the “fury” of Tiamat grew.

“The roots of her legs shook back and forth” as she started to cast “spells” against Marduk who kept coming at her.

Tiamat and Marduk, the wisest of the gods,
Advanced against one another;
They pressed on to single combat,
They approached for battle.

The epic went on to describe the battle between the two gods (planets) that leads eventually to the creation of the planet Earth.

The Lord spread out its net to enfold her;
The Evil Wind, the rearmost, he unleashed at her face.
As she opened her mouth, Tiamat, to devour him-
He drove in the Evil Wind so that she close not her lips.
The fierce storm Winds then charged her belly;
It cut through her insides, tore into her womb.
Having thus subdued her, her life-breath he extinguished.

The two planets did not collide for it was the satellite of Marduk that hit Tiamat’s belly. Seeing a wide cleavage exposed on Tiamat’s belly, Marduk shot an “arrow” of “divine lightning” – an immense bolt of electricity from the energy-charged Marduk -the planet “filled with brilliance.” The shot “extinguished her life-breadth” for it defused Tiamat’s own electric and magnetic fields.

Marduk’s initial passage to Tiamat’s domain left her lifeless, but her final state is yet to be determined by the next future pass over by Marduk. Unlike Kingu, the fate of the ten smaller satellites of Tiamat was concluded at once.

After he had slain Tiamat, the leader,
Her band was shattered, her host broken up.
The gods, her helpers who marched at her side,
Trembling with fear,
Turned their backs about so as to save and preserve their lives.

One amazing observable fact in the universe today is the comets. Those icy mud balls are often referred to as the rebellious members of the Solar System for they appear not to obey the laws that govern the motions of the planets. The orbits of the planets (except Pluto) move around the sun in a circular motion and in the same plane. The comets on the other hand follow an oblique orbit and may lie in diverse planes. While all the known planets of our Solar System move in a counter clockwise direction, comets travel in the reverse direction.

Mr. Sitchin offers us a theory what might have created and caused the Comets to behave this way: The planet Marduk sweeping our Solar System during its initial passage was moving in an opposite direction traversing his own orbital plane smashed the smaller satellites of Tiamat into smaller comets affecting them by his “net” (gravitational pull).

Thrown into the net, they found themselves ensnared…
The whole band of demons that had marched on her side
He cast into fetters, their hands he bound…
Tightly encircled, they could not escape.

After the battle was over Marduk took away Kingu’s orbit. From that time on the planet Marduk is always bound to return to the former scene of celestial battle

The Creation of “Heaven” and Earth

It is at this point of the Epic of Creation that the biblical tale of Genesis draws its stories. Completing its 3,600 year orbital passage around the sun the planet Marduk returns to face Tiamat whom he subdued.

The Lord paused to view her lifeless body.
To divide the monster he artfully planned.
Then as a mussel, he split her into two parts

Marduk charged towards the subdued planet. He himself struck Tiamat tearing it into two, severing its “skull” (upper part). Afterwards, another of Marduk’s satellite (North Wind) crushed to the detached part, and plunged it into a new orbit where no planet has orbited before -to form the present day Earth.

The Lord trod upon Tiamat’s hinder part;
With His weapon the connected skull he cut lose;
He severed the channels of her blood;
And caused the North Wind to bear it
To places that have been unknown.

The remaining half of Tiamat floating in space suffered another fate when it took a direct hit from the passage of Marduk and smashed it into pieces.

The (other) half of her he set up as a screen for the skies”
Locking them together, as watchmen he stationed them…
He bent Tiamat’s tail to form the Great Band as a bracelet.

Stretched out in the firmament are the remains of Tiamat like a hammered “bracelet” acting as a screen between the inner planets and the outer planets. This is how the Asteroid Belt had been formed.

Biblical academics now do recognize that the Hebrew word Tehom (watery deep) originated from the word Tiamat. Tehom-Raba means “great Tiamat.” The biblical perceptive of primordial events is based on Sumerian cosmologic epics. The first among the parallels are the opening verses of Genesis describing how the Wind of the Lord hovered over the waters of Tehom, and how the lightning of the Lord (Marduk) lit the darkness of space as it hit and split Tiamat, creating the Earth and the Rakia (hammered bracelet) or hat we call Heaven.

When the North Wind of Marduk brought the new Earth to its new celestial home, Earth obtained a new orbital path around the sun and received its axial spin. Scientists believe that when the Earth was young it was a hot ball of exploding volcanoes filling the skies with clouds. As the temperature cooled off, the vapour from the air turned into water, dividing the face of the earth into land and water and forming the atmosphere and the foundations of the continents.

The enigmas of our Solar System, its great oceanic deeps, the devastation of the moon, the orbit of the comets, the mystery of the phenomena of Pluto – all is answered by the great Mesopotamian epic.

Having thus”constructed the stations” for the planets, the planet Nibiru “crossed the heavens and surveyed” the new solar system. It was now made up of twelve celestial bodies, with twelve great gods as their counterparts.

Sources: The 12th Planet, When Time Began - By: Zecharia Sitchin