Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sauteed Humans

I was driving at dawn today when I noticed the usual fleet of cars lined-up like ants criss-crossing different directions racing to beat the clock for work. I told myself, "..geessh!.. is this really what life is all about?" Should humans really have to work most of their healthy lives in order to meet their needs? In a truly humane civilization, is there really some other way to subsist?

All over the world people have the same routine day in and out. Starting at the break of day most of us would wake up for our morning rituals. We take quick breakfasts; head for work; rush home; cook and eat dinner; breed and sleep en masse. Our day's-off from work are no different at all. We spend our weekends shopping at huge malls; our supercentres swarmed with bargain hunters; intertwined freeways endlessly stream with vehicles; packed theme parks anesthetize our flagging spirits; we consume supersized combos in fastfood chains; and amazingly, we are required to worship our gods in throngs. Each day seem to be an endless mass-production of sorts from the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Since modern societies rely on economies in order to survive; we are condemned since birth to participate in this never ending cycle of social system however dubitable it maybe. But, the problem arises from the difference between the goals of the capitalist and the proliterian. The former invests to earn more money, while the latter works for money in order to live. Today, billions of workers live their healthy lives confined in the four walls of factories and offices while a few enjoy the God-endowed riches of this world.

Since our meager pays these days are never enough to catch up with the ever changing technology and the increasing price of commodities, we spend and loan more money causing us to work longer hours. For instance, to be mobile between different points we need car loans to buy cars. We secure mortgages to live in houses we seldom stay because we are too pre-occupied with toiling. Mind you most of this bankers are bureaucratic monopoly capitalists who own the large markets and controls its movements. They are masters in maneuvering politcal machineries who ironically their subjugates bestow them government seats where they grow the claws of power that corrupts and abuses.
To further feed their greed, they create conditions of fear, hatred, and uncertainty among nations resulting in un-employment, poverty and fewer jobs. With scarcer employment around, people are recruited as soldiers and before you know it your sons and daughters are off to a war they never truly understand in the name of "freeedom and democracy". Meanwhile, you profess your nationalism by displaying your flag at your porch and affixing car bumper stickers emblazoned with words "We support our troops!" as your children bomb, and shoot innocent civilians in a far away land with no remorse as if all of these are just a game. With trouble brewing between waring countries, your factory assembly lines run full steam producing tanks, airplanes, and bullets that kills the weak and glorifies the rich.
In silence, inside a cavernous church, with your hands clasped, your head vowed down and your teary eyes closed, you kneel down before your God fervently beseeching the almighty to punish the "evil" nations, and that all things be well as the blarring speakers of the pulpit echo in your ears "love and forgiveness". As these transpire in this small world we live, the "reptilians" -scaly but exquisitely adorned with their finest gold and shimmering jewelries dine in style inside their stately mansions -wriggling with their own kind. Amidst the symphony of music and laughter, they plan to stage their next move. Their main course for the night? Sauteed humans!