Saturday, November 1, 2008

Passage to Hades

Sadness cloaks as dark veil in this moonlit night
Voices echoing like ancient belfry towers
Earthly vessels that contain thine flesh and blood,
Lay cold deep within the bowels of mother earth.

Must fire consume the Phoenix to resurrect,
When the resurrected could not join the living?
We carry sepulchres in lifetime journeys,
Only to die again as if we are not dead

Oh great Fire Bird shed thy tears on their ashes
Their passage to the land of Hades, so untimely
If my fervent pleas to Cronus be heeded
My treasure I will give to the oarsman of death

Row,row, row my joy back to me dear Charon
Cleanse my every sorrow with the waters of Styx
Let me rewrite all the pages of my life
And take hold of every fleeting moment with them