Friday, July 31, 2015

Planet of a Million Years- Nibiru

According to Jewish tradition the exact spot in the heavens where God has a dwelling is so distant that it would require a journey of 3,500 years ... How much closer can one get to the 3,600 years that it takes Nibiru to complete one orbit around the Sun? Biblical references to Yahweh’s throne stated its location as a place called Olam. "Thy throne is established forever, from Olam art Thou," the Psalms (93:2) declared; "Thou, Yahweh, are enthroned in Olam, enduring through the ages," states the Book of Lamentations (5:19). Modern translations likewise render Olam as "everlasting" and "forever" (The New American Bible) or as "eternity" and "for ever" (The New English Bible), revealing an uncertainty whether to treat the term as an adjective or as a noun. Recognizing that Olam is clearly a noun, the most recent translation by the Jewish Publication Society adopted "eternity," an abstract noun, as a solution.