Saturday, July 25, 2015

The All Seeing Eye- The Eye Idols of Tell Brak

During the peak of the Anunnaki activities on Earth the rank and file sons of gods numbered to six hundred while three hundred of them were stationed in orbit servicing the shuttle craft. The Sumerian term for these non-terrestrial humans assigned in the heavens is which means “Those who observe and see.” In the city of Nagar (now Tell Brak), Northern Mesopotamia, archaeologists found thousands of objects and shrines they called the “eye idols.” Ancient texts and depictions describe how the Anunnaki used earth-orbiting celestial “seeing eyes”- modern day satellites if you will. The Intelsat IV series of communications satellites, launched from Cape Canaveral during the early 1970's, marked the fifth generation of geostationary communications satellites developed by Hughes Aircraft Company since the 1963 launching of Syncom II, the world's first synchronous satellite. Coincidentally, the Intelsat IV resembled the “eye idols of Tell Brak.” Sources: Genesis Revisited, Gunter’s Space Page, Wikipedia